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  • Artist: Daria Drake
  • Print Run: First print run is limited to only 60 items with this design.
  • Shirt Colors: Only shades of blue to represent water. Mystery could be any lighter shade of blue.
  • Print Color: Dark Brown
  • Print Size: Approximately 10" x 8"
  • Back Print: STAY VOCAL logo below neckline
  • Back Print Color: Dark Brown
  • Reuse Garments: Some of the shirts are brand new that were being discarded and other shirts are pre-owned shirts that have been washed, treated and ready for their second life.
  • Reuse Style: Some of these shirts are printed on the reverse side (inside out), but sometimes we do use blank shirts. (All of the white shirts are blank). For the inside out shirts, we only use T-Shirts with minimal printing on the outside to prevent any possible discomfort. But as most of us have been wearing ReUse inside out T-Shirts for a while, we can honestly say that you won’t even notice.


About The Design

The design is based on the fact that it takes 700+ gallons of water to make a new T-Shirt and that it takes an average of 1200+ gallons of water to produce 1/2 pound of beef.


About The Artist

Daria Drake is an artist, activist, graphic designer, and owner of The Durham Originals, a lifestyle brand based in Durham, NC. Through the brand, Daria aims to "connect with folks like you and explore ideas behind living a life that is kind to the planet. It’s also through this idea that she has had the honor of creating design for amazing community organizations and businesses that are changing the status quo. In creating The Durham Originals, Daria has found her voice in saying, “business as usual” is no longer acceptable -- we will fail the planet."

STAY VOCAL's Alex Eaves first met Daria when she created the poster art for his Durham, NC screening of the REUSE! Documentary. And upon meeting, they realized just how much they had in common when it came to life and their goals in preserving this planet for all. Daria's love for fanny packs is not shared by Alex though. But even with that, this collaboration is surely only the first.

Check out more of Daria's creations on The Durham Originals website

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