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REUSE! Helping Hands Inside Out T-Shirt

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USA orders over $50(USA orders over $50)
  • Artist: Christian Bögle
  • Print Run: Limited to only 75 items with this design.
  • Shirt  Colors: Various. We always recommend surprise. This could be any color or pattern, making your shirt even more unique!
  • Print Color: Bright Blue
  • Back Print:  STAY VOCAL logo
  • Garments: Some of these are brand new T-Shirts that were going to be destroyed and some are pre-owned shirts that have been washed and treated. The design is printed on the reverse side (inside out).
  • Print Size: 11” x 13” (approximately)


About The Design

This is a limited edition design that was created for our REUSE! documentary. It features all of the names of the people who pledged money to the Kickstarter project and chose the "Cotton Recognition Level" reward. The design was created by Christian Bögle, as his contribution to the project.


About The Artist

Christian Bögle hails from Bayern, Germany and has had a long relationship with STAY VOCAL since the original creation of the Make Yourself Heard Face logo. He has entered almost all of our design contests and even won a few of them. Besides the face logo, probably his most talked about STAY VOCAL design would be the ReUse Cereal T-Shirt artwork.


Christian's gigantic portfolio includes numerous bands, clothing brands, and skateboard companies, music festivals, etc. To learn more about Christian and see more of his artwork, please visit his website: Hopefully one day, we can finally meet in person! - Alex

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