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Alex Eaves "The ReUse Life" w/ Bonus Shirt & Video

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Show your support of the reuse movement and STAY VOCAL creator, Alex Eaves!


BONUS 1 - All orders will receive one free T-Shirt of their choice. Over the years, Alex has collected hundreds of unique T-shirts, but now it's time for him to share. Worried about size? There are plenty of great ways to reuse T-Shirts (make a tank top or a pillow case, cut patches or dog bandanas out of them, or just gift the shirt to someone else.)


BONUS 2 - In addition to the shirt, Alex will be creating a personalized video for each of his shirts that he gives away. They will be made prior to the shirt being shipped and a link to the video will be emailed to you.


  • Shirt Colors: Various.
  • Print Color: Navy Blue
  • Garments: Almost all of this run of shirts are brand new T-Shirts that were going to be destroyed, but have been rescued and given a second life.
  • T-Shirts: The design is printed on the reverse side (inside out)


About The Design

STAY VOCAL creator/owner, Alex Eaves, not only promotes reuse, but lives it as well. This design captures that with Alex "juggling" some of the different items that he reuses on a daily basis: Travel Mug, ReUsable Shopping Bag, T-Shirt, Chuck Taylors, and hat. By living "the Reuse life" every day, Alex hopes to inspire others to choose to reuse more as well.



About The Artist

Christian Bögle hails from Bayern, Germany and has had a long relationship with STAY VOCAL since the original creation of the Make Yourself Heard Face logo. He has entered almost all of our design contests and even won a few of them. Besides the face logo, probably his most talked about STAY VOCAL design would be the ReUse Cereal T-Shirt artwork.


Christian's gigantic portfolio includes numerous bands, clothing brands, and skateboard companies, even some close friends of STAY VOCAL: Red Lights Flash and Resolution 242.


To learn more about Christian and see more of his artwork, please visit his website: Hopefully one day, we can finally meet in person! - Alex

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