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Water Saver ''Rough N Ready'' T-Shirt

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As we will be printing all of the new Water Saver Series together, these will be printed and shipped by May 26.


  • Only 13 of these T-shirts are available.
  • Shirt Colors: Red and White
  • Print Colors: Black, Red, Blue (Please Note: The Black "scribble" print under the water drop will be unique to each shirt!"
  • Back Print: None
  • Garments: These are brand new shirts from a clothing brand that went out of business. They have been rescued and given a second life with the addition of our water saver logo to the original design.


The “Water Saver” design is based on the fact that it takes 400 gallons of water to grow enough cotton for just one new t-shirt. By purchasing one of these ReUse shirts instead of a new one, you are helping save that 400 gallons of water for other more important uses (drinking, food crops, etc). And to help show your personal impact, every water drop print will have a hand written number on it that represents the new total gallons of water saved, as a result of your purchase, making each shirt a one of a kind. What will your number be?


About The Original Design

At the end of 2010, our friends at Restored Clothing in Chico shut their doors. For 4 years, Mica Moreno and crew created T-Shirt designs that embodied Restored's mission to "bring hope to the hopeless and spread the spirit of renewal to promote a community of self restoration and giving back."  Many of these designs embody messages that STAY VOCAL is passionate about as well, so instead of letting these great designs go to waste, we decided to purchase the remaining stock of the brand. By incorporating our own logo into the original design, we are able to give a second life to the Restored shirts.


Did you ever wonder what happens to all of the leftover shirts when a T-Shirt company goes out of business? Sometimes they are donated, but in a lot of cases they are destroyed and unfortunately shredded into rags. Sometimes they are even burned. For more info on this, please read this article.



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