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Waste not! These are patches that we didn't use for the Gandhi T-Shirt, as the design from the rescued T-Shirt shows through too much. So, we're selling them as is at a super discounted price. If you don't mind a little background noise, they're perfect!


This oversized 8"x10" patch can be sewn on a shirt, jacket, bag etc. It could also be used as a wall hanging / poster.


STAY VOCAL's Face logo on a small patch; perfect for a hole in your jeans or maybe to make a shirt look better.


This sheet includes 8 different people themed designs that you can cut out and put on almost anything.

$2.00 - $5.00

This sheet includes 9 REUSE! patches that you can cut out and put on almost anything.


We made this fill-in-the-blank patch because we want YOU to tell everyone what YOU’RE doing to make the world better. So grab a permanent marker and go for it. Then sew it on your bag or a t-shirt.

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