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"Patch The Planet With More Love" T-Shirt

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This T-Shirt features a large heart shaped patch that is cut from T-Shirts that we use for testing prints. As many companies discard test prints, this furthers our commitment to the planet. Every heart shaped patch is completely unique and will feature any of a number of SV designs.


Please allow a few extra days for your made to order T-Shirt to arrive.


  • Shirt  Colors: Various. We always recommend surprise. This could be any color or pattern, making your shirt even more unique!
  • Patch Colors: White, Red, or Surprise!
  • Back Print:  STAY VOCAL logo
  • Garments: Brand new T-Shirts that were going to be destroyed, but have been rescued and given a second life. A patch is sewn over the original print.
  • Patch Size: 11” x 15” (approximately)
  • Patch Material: T-Shirt


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