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Pac Frog T-Shirt

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USA orders over $50(USA orders over $50)
  • Shirt Colors: Various. Please note that "Surprise" could be any color, not just one of the options shown, making your shirt even more unique.
  • Print Color: Bright Green
  • Print Location: The design is printed on the reverse side of the T-Shirt (inside out)
  • Garments: These are brand new T-Shirts that were going to be destroyed, but have been rescued and given a second life.


About The Design

Over the past year or so, I've gotten numerous requests to make a STAY VOCAL T-Shirt with Pac Man on it, especially from my friend Nick Contreras. Well, we didn't want to risk any copyright infringement, so our friend Oscar helped create something Pac Man "inspired."


About The Artist

Oscar Ayotzintli grew up in Mexico, but moved to New York City when he got a scholarship in fine art at the Art Students League of New York. Soon after moving to New York, Oscar began working with my street promotions company partner, Seth Abrams, and we were soon introduced. After I stopped working promotions and began touring with bands, Oscar and I continued to stay in touch and he would come out to shows whenever I was in New York. Since I stopped touring with bands, we 've fallen a bit out of touch, but Oscar's art has once again brought our efforts together.


Oscar's history with art really took off in 2003, after building a relationship with one of the bands that we had done promotions for: H2O. Rusty Pistachio, guitarist of the band, was also the founder of PNut Jewlery and Oscar started training with him. Over the next few years, he ended up making jewelry for big name artists like Blink 182, Green Day and Axl Rose, to name a few. His work with Rusty eventually inspired his own jewelry line, the Oscar Mini-Monsters.


Oscar has drawn much influence from artists such as Charles Schulz, John Romita and Jose Guadalupe Posada. He also has a deep appreciation for his Mexikan-Anahuak ancestry and culture, which he celebrates in his artwork. He even created Tlakuilo Kalli, “house of the artist“, dedicated to promote the art and culture of the territory of Anahuak. “Tlakuilo” is a Nahuatl word and actually means, “the one who writes with paintings”.


To learn more about Oscar and see more of his artwork, please visit his website:


- Alex

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