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Four Birds T-Shirt

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  • Print Run: A maximum of 120 pieces will be made. Only 60 will be available on this first run, with just 30 being available online.
  • Shirt Colors: Army Green, Dark Charcoal Grey, Heather Grey, and "Surprise" 
  • Print Colors: Black
  • Print Location: The design is printed on the reverse side of the T-Shirt (inside out) 
  • Garments: The Army Green and Dark Charcoal Grey shirts are brand new T-Shirts that were going to be destroyed, but have been rescued and given a second life. The Heather Grey, Red and Surprise colors are pre-owned shirts that have been washed, treated and given a second life.


About The Design

This was the first place design in our Almost Anything Goes Art contest in November 2010. Our first place winner was Denise Marks, with her original "Four Birds" design.


About The Artist

by Alex Eaves


In the late 90's, I was part of the skateboard scene on the Massachusetts South Shore. I met a lot of great people during that time, one of whom was Denise Marks. After graduating high school and going off to college, we completely lost touch, but fortunately, this thing called Facebook was invented and we reconnected.

One day while I was looking at my news feed, some of Denise' paper cut art showed up and I instantly fell in love with it. I don't know if it's the simplicity of the colors or the amazing detailed cuts she makes, but it's just awesome. So, I contacted Denise about STAY VOCAL and our design contests. Sure enough, she entered a paper cut design in the next contest and garnered enough votes for her design to win. She even beat two of my nephews!

So, where does Denise' art come from? Well, like me, Denise grew up surrounded by the woods, nature and animals; observing and taking mental notes about her surroundings. She began putting these observations on paper as drawings at a very young age and went on to win awards for her art in high school. Denise continued her study of art at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston; focusing on sculpture.

Over the years, her art mediums and focuses have certainly changed, but her art's message seems to have stayed the same. "Through my artwork," Denise says, "I wish to bring our attention back to our natural environment, to appreciate the intense beauty that surrounds us; to rest within its simplicity and to respect the deep complexities. We are a part of something bigger than ourselves. I feel fortunate to share my love and appreciation of our world through my artwork."

It's quite obvious that Denise and I share similar passions for the planet we live on and I'm so glad this shirt happened. Unfortunately, since I moved out to Northern California and Denise moved back to Massachusetts, we can't celebrate over coffee. Soon!


For more on Denise and her art, please visit

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